using our facility

Windsor Christian Fellowship has rooms available for the congregation for Weddings, Showers, Anniversaries, Groom's Reception and Funerals. Because of the size of our congregation and the number of other church related events, birthday parties, reunions and other social events cannot be accommodated. WCF reserves the right to deny any request to individuals or group based on WCF's Tenets of Faith, By-Laws or Policies. This will be discussed at the booking interview.

At Windsor Christian Fellowship, we understand how important your wedding day is and we want to help you prepare for a smooth and memorable experience.

General Guidelines and Requirements

Every group, organization or individual is required to abide by all church guidelines, requirements and other restrictions regarding usage of the church facilities.

Users of the church facilities must be the primary user or host.

All requests for usage of the church facilities are subject to approval by WCF. The information provided here is by no means intended to cover every aspect of facility use and may be amended as required.

A certificate of comprehensive general liability insurance coverage.

Involvement in a church activity or ministry (Encounter, class, volunteer work) The facilities of WCF are open to congregant groups or other charities based on the general conditions above, in addition to the following:

They have a joint-ministry agreement with WCF

They are sponsored by WCF or share a common mission or purposes

Booking Procedure

Call the WCF receptionist to book the date and event (519.972.5977)

Set up an appointment with a Facility Use coordinator; review Facility Use Policy

Complete and sign the Facility Use Contract. The signer will be responsible for damages.

Recovery fee and Refundable deposit: Rooms will not be held until fees and deposit are paid.

To find out more about booking a room or to begin the process you can call at (519) 972-5977 or email at reception@wcf.ca