counseling services

There are times when frustrating or overwhelming situations can disrupt your life and your relationships. If you or someone you love is experiencing grief, disappointment, depression, addiction, abuse or other difficulties, WCF coaches are available to provide help and support. WCF counseling is grounded in the Bible, and will encourage healing and restoration through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The aim of coaching is to provide you with an opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment and learn what the Word of God has to say about your situation. Coaches will also provide information or offer suggestions to assist you through the process. It will require your commitment, your honesty and a sincere desire to change.

The coaching sessions are completely confidential; however, there are some exceptions to this.

  • - If it is required by law to disclose the information (IE. Child abuse)

  • - If the coach suspects that you are a danger to yourself or others

  • - If you agree to release the information

To book a counseling appointment call the church office at 519.972.5977 or email the reception at