mentor groups

Mentor groups provide a place to discover new relationships that build essential connections to other Christians and the church. Making a commitment to be part of a small group is not always convenient in a world of overloaded schedules and persistent demands. Often people would rather connect on social media than add another engagement to their busy calendar. However, meeting with others in an intimate setting has numerous benefits including opportunities to ask questions, present ideas and share common interests. We are enriched and challenged through those close personal relationships.

Windsor Christian Fellowship offers a wide range of mentor groups throughout the community. Each is unique and strives to address interests common to the individuals who attend; however all the groups provide a time of prayer, discipleship and encouragement in an atmosphere of fellowship. Mentor groups meet once a week for 2-3 hours..

Pastor Luc Leboeuf oversees our mentor groups. Contact him at for more information. To find a group near you click here.