One of the founding principles of Windsor Christian Fellowship is age appropriate, lively and fun children's services. Our vision is to create a fun and loving environment where your children are irresistibly drawn to want to know Christ. Where empowered volunteers with their God given talents are serving with excitement and delight. A place where us as a church together are investing in faith for the next generation. We pray that what they are learning here is enhancing what you are teaching them at home.

Children's Coordinators, Michael and Jenn Iacobelli, and their leaders are passionate about kids and their spiritual growth. They oversee the innovative children's curriculum, Check-in program and 'Plan to Protect'. They understand how important it is to capture children's hearts for God while they are young. It is their prayer that when your kids leave the children's church ministry, they will be filled with the Holy Spirit, have an overall knowledge of the Word of God, and build strong relationships with their peers and church as a whole.

The kid's program from infants through Grade 9 offers exciting teaching, music, puppets, dramas, crafts, object lessons and multi-media presentations. the kid's program runs from infants through Grade 9 offering exciting teaching, music, puppets, dramas, crafts, object lessons and multi-media presentations.




The safety and security of your child, while attending services at WCF, is one of our primary goals. Your children will have fun, learn about God and do so in a safe and secure environment. To accomplish this goal, safety procedures are in place from the time your children arrive until they leave.

Here is what you want to know about our volunteers:

WCF has an extensive screening process that includes:
- 6 months attendance at the church
- 2 letters of reference
- Interview
- Vulnerable Sector Police Check
- Required training in Policies and Procedures

Other Security Highlights:
- Washrooms that are designated for children only
- At least 2 adults must be present in the classrooms
- A safe check-in and check-out processes with a palm scan through Fellowship One which
- requires ID tags and pictures of the children and their guardians.
- Regular inspection and cleaning of Children's rooms, equipment and toys



NURSERY ONE - newborns to one year olds

Nursery 1 has a separate sleeping room for children, a mother's nursing room as well as an extensive play area with age appropriate equipment and toys.

NURSERY TWO - one to two year olds

Nursery 2 has a separate child's washroom, beginner slides, simple sit-on toys as well as building blocks, puzzles and other age appropriate toys. They also have a regular team of visiting musicians to encourage the children to sing, dance and clap their hands.

TODDLERS - two year olds

The Toddler's room is equipped with separate washrooms for boys and girls. There is an extensive play area with all kinds of climbing and playing equipment including toys that appeal to the imagination of boys and girls. The sitting area has a puppet theatre, games, books, puzzles and colouring supplies. PRESCHOOL have a snack time and a regular team of visiting musicians to encourage the children to sing, dance and clap their hands.

TINY TREASURES / LITTLE BLESSINGS / KINDERVILLE - three year olds / four year olds / five year olds

Our main focus is creating an environment of warmth and love with lessons and crafts from the Word of God. Our lessons and interactive live music are brought out in a fun, engaging, and creative way. Our rooms are equipped with the latest technology for the children to enjoy videos and music. The extensive play room has ride-on vehicles and its own roadway. A large castle sits in the middle of the grassy area providing great opportunities for the children to climb, explore and pretend. The sitting area is designed for the children to play with puzzles, building equipment, colour, listen to stories and enjoy snack time.



KIDS ON THE RISE - grades 1 to 5

In this group, called Kids on the Rise, lessons are supplemented with puppets, skits and sound effects to capture your child's imagination. We engage the children in activities, games, and special events to help them learn and get along with other kids. Live praise and worship encourages kids to jump, dance and sing along with their friends. Children are also encouraged to learn scriptures that reinforce what they learn each week and to develop skills that will help them to take a more active role in the church.


ELEVATION - grades 6 to 8

Finally, our oldest group is Elevation. This group of youth join the congregation for worship as a step towards full participation in the adult service. After worship, they join each other in class where they fellowship and meet with their friends. They are taught the fundamentals of the Bible, showing how it is relevant to everyday life in situations such as peer group pressure, bullying and a healthy self-image. At this level, the youth are taught the basics of volunteering in the various ministries or programs throughout the church and school, faithfulness, diligence, learning new skills. They are encouraged to be respected leaders in their home, church and school.



CLUB CONNECT - grades 1 to 5

WCF has initiated a unique Children's Club on Wednesday evenings at 7PM to make it easy for parents to attend the service or the Empowerment Classes while your children share a fun-filled night of activities with their friends. Club Connect has a less formal structure designed to provide more free play time. Biblical lessons are taught as the children develop their social skills during music, games, crafts and sports.

Classes also available for younger children.


Candy Lane

Please join us for an evening of fun and games. This evening is planned in a safe environment for your children to enjoy an alternative to trick or treating. They will each go home with a bag of candy and memories that will last a lifetime.

Date: October 31st

When: 6:00PM - 8:00PM

Where: Windsor Christian Fellowship