"it is where the detail oriented hang out"


Are you someone who loves gardening, knows how to maintain trees or just loves to be outdoors? WCF has beautiful spacious grounds that are maintained daily by volunteers. The Grounds-keeping Ministry provides a safe and attractive environment for those attending our church. Our team provides snow removal, salting and plowing, grass and weed control and improving the gardens. We are always looking for dedicated individuals with an ability to take on projects from light landscaping to the use of heavy machinery and construction.

Grounds-keeping is led by Nathan Mio. maintenance@wcf.ca

Event Planning

One of our core objectives at WCF is connecting our people with church worship and teaching but also providing a place of fellowship with other believers. Being a church family means doing just that, being a family. We have many events that bring our community together. The planning and development of these activities requires a special team of individuals who communicate and collaborate with various ministries within the church to make these events a success.

Scheduling facilities and speakers, generating ideas for potential events and performing various administrative functions are just some of the ways this team functions within the church.

Event Planning is led by Donna Penner. dpenner@wcf.ca


Photographers want to capture the special moments that occur at conferences, events and other daily activities throughout the church. They help us to remember the contributions of our hard-working volunteers and the amazing memories established over the years. Their pictures have graced our posters, promotional brochures and video presentations after events have concluded or during anniversary celebrations If you have creative skills, the ability to take pictures and even to edit and organize files, we welcome you to join us.

Photography is led by Stephanie Morris. smorris@wcf.ca

Spanish Translation

We recognize the need for Christ's message to be heard by those who speak other languages. Presently, Spanish translators interpret the 11 AM service messages through head-sets that are available at the Information Centre.

Spanish Translation is lef by Ingrid Fernandez ingrid@wcf.ca

Altar Ministry

These individuals serve the needs of the prayer teams during the services. They want to help those who come up for prayer by providing tissue, cloth coverings or other resources as needed during prayer.

For more information contact us at reception@wcf.ca