"if you see a video, it was made here"


This is the ministry behind all things technical in any given service. If you can either see or hear it, then chances are the audio/video department had something to do with it.

Audio Support

This team plays a crucial role in our church as they put the finishing touches together, by editing recordings of our services and preparing them for posting to the web. They help enable Christ's message of hope to reach homes around the globe through our Internet Live Stream podcasts.

live video

Our Live Video team is in charge of feeding the video to the projection screens, so that everyone in attendance has a clear view of the service. Camera men and switchers work closely with the director to choose the best possible cuts, scene changes and shots designed to engage the entire congregation.

video production

The Video Production team receives projects based upon events happening within WCF. They generate ideas for video shoots, create set pieces, and gather props to produce the videos seen around WCF. They are responsible for combining audio and video elements that seamlessly blend together to form a story. The department works with Adobe Masters Collection, HD cameras and professional lighting.


Our audio teams specialize in MIXERS, MICROPHONES, and MONITORS to balance the sound throughout the sanctuary. This department also works behind the scenes to support other special events, conferences, weddings and funerals.

Audio/Video is led by Pastor Jacob Frenette.