Volunteering At Our Church.

WCF believes it is important for everyone to get involved in their church. It is through volunteering that we strengthen our relationships and connection to the church. It helps us feel like we belong to a larger social network and share ownership of the vision and destiny of the church as a whole. There is great satisfaction in knowing that our contribution makes a difference to the support and accomplishment of those we serve. The benefits of serving are many, from learning a new skill, sharing your talents and finding new friends.

WCF's Volunteer Program is designed for individuals to commit to serve for 4 hour increments on either a weekly or monthly basis. Look for this symbol as it represents our Volunteer Program. Please note that volunteering is not restricted to 4 hour increments but are simply a guideline.

How to Get Involved

The first requirement to become a volunteer at WCF is to attend the church for at least 6 months. The next step is to complete an application form and get the volunteer training.

Every year, we provide classes to train all the staff and volunteers in the various policies and procedures in place at WCF. We provide 16 sessions that run for 4 weeks in February. There is training for 'New Workers' who have never had training before and 'Refresher Training' for all other volunteers. Each session is 1.5 hours in length and includes power point and video instruction, completion of a quiz booklet and an opportunity for discussion and questions. The format includes announcements concerning new programs or construction at the church, a review of new policies or general church protocols, in addition to Workplace Violence and Harassment, Code of Conduct and Health and Safety.

The Purpose of Volunteer Training:

It allows WCF to monitor and inform the volunteers regarding new procedures and solutions to problems that occur from time to time in the various volunteer areas.

It also provides the office with updates of new phone numbers or email addresses, pictures and other volunteer information.

It ensures that WCF and its volunteers are compliant with Government legislation and Insurance Policies.

To begin volunteering please pick up an application from the information centre or email us at joyatkins@wcf.ca