An Encounter is an OPPORTUNITY to safely confront your past, uproot negative influences, reflect on your life and build faith in God to plan for your future.

A TIME completely devoted to God.

A TIME to challenge you to become true to who you really are.

Encounters are held at WINDSOR CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Friday night until Sunday afternoon (you may choose to stay at Windsor Christian Fellowship or go home to sleep) $80 (includes meals)

The encounter weekends are designed to provide a time completely devoted to God and an opportunity to become true to who we really are. It provides an opportunity for true repentance, deliverance, and healing of present and past hurts. It's a time of refreshing and renewal with the Lord. Volunteers will help with organization and set-up for the weekend. Guides and teachers will assist the attendees during the weekend and support people who need a touch from God.


Still not sure yet?

You can attend a pre encounter class on the Sunday and Wednseday prior to the actual encounter date. This will help set your expectations and prepare you for what is going to take place on the encounter. We can't wait to see you there.