empowerment night

A new study completed in 2013 by Evangelical Fellowship of Canada researcher Rick Hiemstra examines the confidence that people have in the Bible and reveals that, "The majority of Canadians, including those who identify themselves as Christians, read the Bible seldom or never." However, more encouraging is the evidence that Evangelical Christians are more likely to read the Bible and to attend church regularly. (Read more) Today, people question whether the Bible is relevant to modern life and rarely have conversations about the Bible outside of church services. Wednesday evening is WCF's Empowerment Night; both the service and a series of classes are designed to show, "that the Bible is the Word of God and that it is reliable, trustworthy and life changing." This evening provides opportunities for believers to select courses of interest, ask questions, participate in discussions, and study the Word of God at a deeper level.

classes available this semester (Classes begin October, 2017)


This twelve week class introduces believers to the fundamentals of Christian faith and prayer to build the foundation for Christian life. It addresses the difficult questions concerning the scriptures and the way we practice our faith and helps us discover or talents and abilities to serve in the local church. Individuals can join anytime.

Room: 106

Course Instructor: Pastor RJ


This ten-week class examines the principles of spiritual authority and the need for spiritual accountability for living the Christian life. We learn about how God's protection and favour cover us when we value and respect the leaders God has placed in authority.

Room: 107

Course Instructor: Pastor Howie Mulder

Vision Class

This ten-week class is designed to help believers understand the vision of Windsor Christian Fellowship and the fundamentals of serving in the local church. It will also examine the importance of character development including the challenges, integrity and wisdom required for effective leadership.

Room: 113

Course Instructor: Pastor Luc Leboeuf


Parenting from infancy to adulthood has its challenges and joys. We all want the best for our children. We will discuss parenting skills that will help guide us through the different stages of our children's lives and help us to have a healthy relationship with our children. We all want our child to grow up to be a person of integrity and good character and prayerfully we can help you do so through the teachings in this Parenting Class.

Room: 118

Course Instructor: David & Kimberly Workman

Divorce Care

The pain of separation and divorce is one of the most intense feelings we can face. Hear from the foremost Christian experts on the subject of divorce and recovery from a biblical perspective.

Room: 108

Course Instructor: Fred & Kelly Christian

Anger Management

Learn how you can free yourself from the frustrations that sabotage your life and relationships and find freedom and victory in Christ Jesus. You can be free from the anger trap. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!

Room: 120

Course Instructor: Kelly Simmons

Beyond Boundaries

Learning to trust again in relationships. Difficult relationships can damage our ability to trust, causing us to shut down from close relationships. But God designed us to experience freedom and love. To live this way, we eventually need to take a risk. Course requirement: Participant's guide (approx. $10)

Room: 122

Course Instructor: Karen Labute

Celebrate Recovery: Thursdays at 7PM

Celebrate Recovery is a biblical and balanced program that helps us overcome our hurts, hang-ups, and habits. It is based on the actual words of Jesus rather than psychological theory.

Room: 108

Course Instructor: Brian & Karen Trevail